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Pearl Islands, Contadora Island, Pearl place, Treasures and Pirates.

The Pearl Islands also known as the Pearl Islands is a group of islands located in the Gulf of Panama . This archipelago has 39 islands and 100 islets. They are within 48 km of the Panamanian coast and have a total area of 1,165 km ² .

The name of the Pearl Islands , come from the abundance of pearls that were in the area during the period of the Spanish domination. In this area was found the famous Peregrina Pearl 400 years old and 31 carats who was owned by Felipe II and also was owned by actress Elizabeth Taylor, until his death in 2011 .

 Isla Contadora has that name because in the times of the Spanish colonization , the island was used to inventory the boats coming to Spain .
 The Pearl Islands have hosted these pirates and explorers like Sir Francis Drake, Henry Morgan and Balboa who had their treasures in Contadora Island.
Currently, the Pearl Islands is the main focus of tourism development in Panama and is located only 20 minutes by plane from Panama City. Its beautiful white sand beaches attract hundreds of thousands of tourists from around the world. Its waters are calm , warm and shallow encouraging the reproduction of thousands of marine species.

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