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Our dive sites
Our dive sites are close to our dive centre, only 10 minutes away from Contadora Island with our boat. The Pearl Islands are a collection of more than 100 islands.

The origin of the majority of the island is volcanic. This large variation of islands provides various natural nutrients and minerals, resulting in an abundance of sea life. The bottom holds a wide variety of rock formations, beautiful sea coral, including orange coral, brain coral and other coral that doesn't exist any where else in the world.

Diving in the Pacific Ocean is very different than diving in the Caribbean Sea, as there are a much larger variety and abundance of fish. You may see Butterfly fish, Angel fish, Sand fish, Parrot fish, various moray eels, different types of tuna, Brown sharks, Reef sharks, White tip Sharks, Sting Rays, Manta Rays, Lobsters, Oysters and much moreā€¦

The Channel: It is a rocky place where the geography is very interesting, the diving depth goes from 20 to 60 feet, with formations of platforms and caves, The marine life is abundant, schools of fish, brown, sharks, depending on the tide when we go diving we can do a drift dive.

The Cave: with high tide you can see channels and caves. There are schools of fish,and sometimes you can see Reef Sharks there. Depth range is between 20 to 35 feet.

South Coral: It is an ideal site for beginners as the depth does not exceed 25 feet, and is virtually an aquarium full of fish and corals.

North Coral: For Intermediate level divers, it is not deep, but the current can be strong. In July, the visibility can be up to 100 feet ..
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